Philips to launch glasses-free 3D TV in 2013

Goodbye dorky glasses, hellos 3D freedom

glasses-free viewing coming to huge TV screens by 2015

We've already seen the possibilties of glasses-less 3D on the NIntendo 3DS console, but until this point had been told that converting the tech to your home television was a little too ambitious.

Well Philips didn't like that answer too much and today unveiled a prototype model of a 3D panel they're hoping to bring to market within three years.

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Those on the ground at the IFA tech show in Berlin are describing the technology as "jawdropping" and a 52-inch model will be going on sale in 3-5 years according to Dutch company Dimenco which is developing the tech for Philips.

The television uses lenticular technology with creates the illusion of depth by using a series of interlaced strips at different angles and has a back panel with a resolution of 4K, which is 4 times greater than 1080p.

Link: Philips (via TechRadar)