Philips jumps into 3DTV with 9000 series

High-end 3DTV LED device is the most advanced TV yet

Philips have made our TV day today with the announcement of the high-spec 3DTV 9000 Series TV and a UK summer release for the Cinema 21:9 3D.

The 9000 Series TV is packed with all the high-end televisual tech Philips could come up with.

Encased in what the Dutch company calls "a unique design", the 9000 has a 400Hz LCD with 0.5ms response time for blur-free images, Net TV with inbuilt Wi-Fi for online services via the TV and DLNA to connect to your PC.

It also has full LED backlighting, with thousands of lights arranged behind the screen for deeper contrast of up to 10,000,000:1 and comes with Ambilight atmospheric lighting.

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In addition, it's one of the first TVs with 3D-ready capabilities, with Active 3D glasses meaning each eye gets the full 1080p experience.

There's no word on a UK release date or price. But while we're waiting for it we can decide whether to go for the Philips Cinema 21:9 TV.

It was one of our fav launches of 2009 and made the shortlist at the T3 Awards and will be ready for shipping in August/September.

The TV has a 21:9 screen matches almost exactly the 2.39:1 aspect ratio of feature films, which means you’re seeing your favourite movies nigh-on how the director wanted – minimal image stretching, no letterboxing.

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