Philips launch world's first Android phone dock

New speaker dock works with all models of Android handset

While docks for Apple's iDevices number in the thousands, Philips has become the first company to launch a universal speaker dock for Android phones

The top-of-the-line Philips Fidelio AS851 dock comes with a Micro-USB connector mounted on a slider, allowing Android users to dock phones whether their Micro-USB ports are on the bottom, side or top of the phone. This charges the phone while music is streamed to the speakers via Bluetooth (the charging offsetting the battery being chewed up by the Bluetooth usage).

The problem with building docks for Android phones, as opposed to iPhones, is the lack of a universal connector for Android handsets. Up until now, any dock that hoped to cater for more than one brand of Android smartphone would have to include multiple physical connectors, while iPhone docks need only the standard Apple connector. Streaming music via BlueTooth removes this limitation, and Philips include a free app for Android users to make the process all the easier.

Philips also launched two smaller, lower-priced Android docks: the mid-sized Fidelio AS351 and the Fidelio AS111 bedside dock.

Via: Recombu, TechRadar