Philips Econova 42-inch LED green TV launches

Solar-powered remote control adds to eco-credentials

Will it be 2011's Green Gadget of the Year at the T3 Awards?

The race among tech’s biggest manufacturers to become the most environmentally-friendly has become fierce over the past few years, as the world has woken up to climate change, Al Gore and melty ice caps. Philips may have just gone ahead of the curve, though, with its just-launched Econova 42-inch LED TV.

Not only is the set itself made from recycled aluminium, the packaging is totally recyclable and it operates (in eco mode) at only 40W – that’s around a 60 percent energy saving on standard sets. All well and good, but the real eco-trick up the Nova’s sleeve is the remote: it’s totally solar-powered.

Philips says it’s “managed to create a 42-inch LED LCD set which achieves minimal impact on the environment while making no compromise on performance, design, materials and build quality". The 42-inch LED Econav is out now, priced at £1199.

Link: Philips