Peter Molyneux starts Kickstarter campaign

Peter Molyneux asks for help to get his reinvention of Populous up and running

Peter Molyneux, the game creator behind the Fable franchise, has started a Kickstarter campaign asking for funds for a project called 'Godus'

Well, it was bound to happen at some stage, wasn't it? Peter Molyneux, Bafta fellow and designer of landmark titles such as Fable, Black & White and the original Syndicate, has taken to Kickstarter to get a project up and running.

The working title for his new game, developed at Molyneux's new studio, 22Cans, is Godus, which is being pitched on the Kickstarter page as a reinvention of 'Populous', Bullfrog's game from 1989 in which players took on the role of a deity. Whereas Populous was a one-player game, however, in Godus players will take on other players in a battle for control of the in-game world through wars with other cults.

Given the raw PR draw Peter Molyneux enjoys, we're surprised it's taken this long for him to spearhead a Kickstarter campaign. However, it'll be interesting to see if Molyneux's reputation for promising features that fail to appear in his games has any affect on the campaign's target of $450,000, seeing as how Kickstarter is an investment site that's an inherently designed around delivering on promises. Still, according to the video on the Godus page, Peter's partner in crime, Tim Rance will be on hand to reign in any of Molyneux's wilder ambitions.