PES 2011 to have Stadium Editor and Legend mode

Total control to add new realism to PES title

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PES 2011 adds Stadium Edit and Total control to challenge FIFA title

The World Cup may have come to a scrappy and somewhat lacklustre end at the weekend but the football just keeps on coming as Konami Digital Entertainment, creators of the hugely successful Pro Evolution Soccer series announce a number of new editions for the upcoming PES 2011.

Due for release in the Autumn following the start to the 2010/2011 football season, PES 2011 will deliver the title’s new mantra of ‘Total control’ through the new power gauge system that allows for pinpoint precision and desired strength to each pass, shot or curling cross.

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Revealed for the first time today by Konami is the new ‘Stadium Edit’ mode that, whilst offering no beneficial improvement to gameplay, allows users to create a unique, fully customisable home ground for use in the game.

Other notable new editions to Pro Evo for 2011, seen in the video below, include a ‘Become a Legend’ mode where players have to help a fledgling talent earn major honours to work up to the world’s greatest star, and total 360-degree control for improved passing and movement.

Through the new feint and trick mapper, gamers will be able to utilise over 1,000 new animations to create custom links of tricks and skills to fool rivals and work space for that all important shot.

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