Peroni app brings a dose of Italy to the UK’s major cities

Discover Italian style and culture local to you with Peroni’s Vivi in Stile app

The UK is to be given the Italian treatment with beer specialist Peroni launching a new iPhone app to bring the culture of the continent to British shores

Lovable supplier of beer Peroni has launched its first app with the Peroni Vivi in Stile offering taking on the ambitious task of bringing the very best of Italy in the UK via your beloved touchscreen blower.

Split into several sections – glamorously titled Stile, Esplorare, and Esclusivo – the app contains a wealth of information on Italian culture, style, and design that allows users to keep up with the latest trends from a nation famous for its fashion sense and food, all whilst trudging in the damp British gloom.

Through the Esplorare segment, users can find Italian hotspots within the boundaries of their very own city, whether they’re looking for an authentic thin crust pizza or a new Armani blazer. Numerous major British cities are covered in the app, including London, Manchester, Leeds, and Glasgow, although sadly there was no mention of Stoke-on-Trent.

Crafted for culture lovers the app is a wealth of exclusive information has been put together by a multitude of experts, including renowned fashion journalist Gianluca Longo, Italian designer Fabio Novembre, and the prominent cultural e-magazine Urban Junkies.

Vive in Stile Peroni also has the added bonus of longevity, rather than just being a stand alone app. Users will have the pleasure of being indulged with new content and features on a bi-monthly basis much like a magazine, meaning that you’ll still be able to turn to the app even when your Winter wardrobe needs updating.

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