Penthouse launches world's first 3D adult channel

Porn network rolls out three-dimensional erotic content

What better way to start March than with the announcement Penthouse is launching the world’s first pan European 3D formatted adult channel.

The service, which launches today, offers full 3D native HD video, and promises to deliver 30 hours of new content every month. From the looks of their trailer on YouTube (NSFW), it looks like the technology will use passive 3D - i.e. you can watch using a pair of old school 3D glasses. Yes, we've tried. Sometimes, we do too much.

"We are very excited about the launch of the Penthouse 3D channel," says Marc Bell, CEO of FriendFinder Networks. "Our goal is always to deliver the latest technology on the world's best platform."

While there are various smaller 3D porn offerings available, Penthouse 3D is claiming to be the first pan-European 3D formatted adult channel. For US viewers, you’re going to have to wait till sometime in the second quarter for a roll out stateside.

The porn industry have frequently been pioneers when it comes to adopting new technology – they were one of the first to throw their weight behind VCR, internet streaming technology, fee-based subscriptions, pop-up ads and electronic billing.