PayPal's outage still affecting UK users?

PayPal's weekend outage leads to apology

UK users might still be experiencing problems with PayPal?

UPDATE: PayPal has assured us that this issue has now been fixed.

PayPal has had to apologise to its customers after a weekend outage left many struggling.

While the payment service company has said they have fixed the problem, there was a hardware failure in a data centre on Friday which caused the problem.

PayPal processed $21 billion of payments in the second quarter of this year, showing its importance in the world of online trading, especially with eBay.

Scott Guilfoyle, PayPal's chief technology officer said on their blog: "We take our commitment seriously to provide our customers a safer and more convenient way to pay and be paid online. So we understand how frustrating it is to experience any disruption in the benefits PayPal provides."

He also added that around 8:07am on Friday, a network hardware failure resulted in the service interruption for PayPal users worldwide.

According to PCPro however, UK users are still experiencing issues with PayPal, including their postage service. They've cited users who claimed to receive error messages on the web site and are suffering delays and other problems in their business.

It's not clear whether the outage over the weekend is related to any problems UK users are suffering from.

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Via: PCPro