PayPal introduces Bump technology to Android app

Transfer money between accounts with a touch

Bump technology added to PayPal's Android app offering

PayPal is bringing a new spin on mobile money transfers as it integrates ‘Bump technology’ in to its latest Android app update allowing money to be transferred from one account to another when two phones are tapped together.

For this new form of money transfer to work, both parties obviously need an Android powered phone that hosts the latest Bump-enabled PayPal 2.0 app, now available for free download in the Android App Market.

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The Bump feature, which is already available on PayPal’s iPhone app, is just one of the new additions to the Android offering. Two key features that have previously been omitted from the Android app have been rectified as users can now withdraw money from their accounts as well as request payments.

Other new features of the PayPal 2.0 application include a tip calculator for easy splitting of restaurant bills and a scheduling component that allows for payment reminders to be set up ensuring rent and bills never go forgotten.

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