Paula Radcliffe tells T3 tech in sport is for fun not function

Exclusive: Marathon World Record holder says training tech is merely 'fun tinkering'

Marathon World Record holder and iconic British athlete Paula Radcliffe has spoken to T3 about training gadgets saying tech in sport is simply "gadgets we can have fun with"

The Women’s Marathon World Record holder and London 2012 team GB hopeful Paula Radcliffe has told T3 training technology in sports is useful for nothing more than ‘fun tinkering’ and does not aid individual success.

Radcliffe, who is currently campaigning for the IAAF to reinstate her 2003 Marathon World Record after the time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds was reduced to a World’s best for using male pacesetters, suggested that gadgets in sports served a role embedded more in fun than function.

“I think that the World Record times could have been reached without all the training technology and computer trackers,” Radcliffe said. “I didn’t use the computer tracker hugely in training before I set the World Record so it can be done.”

She added: “It is nice to have all the gadgets around you but they’re more just tinkering gadgets we can have fun with.”

Further pushing her point that technology in training for sporting events is not an essential accessory to success or increased performance Radcliffe added: “In terms of gadgets look at the Kenyan guys setting the World Records, do you think they have all these gadgets?”

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Paula Radcliffe was speaking at the launch of the Stratford Nike+ Run Club