Path social app launches on Windows Phone in beta

Path has finally arrived on the Windows Phone store, but only in beta form

After launching way back for iOS and Android, Path social networking app is finally available for Windows Phone in a beta version.

Path, a private social network for just 150 of your closest contacts, is now available to download on the Windows Phone store.

After Path said Windows Phone 8 was its most requested platform, Nokia and Microsoft collaborated to finally bring the service to their devices.

The Path beta version boasts much of the popular features found on the iOS and Android app, such as photo filters and the option to cross-post updates to other social networks including Foursquare and Tumblr.

Although the beta does include some new add-ons specifically for Windows Phones such as a Live Tile for the home screen.

Path says future updates will include Path Messaging and access to the Path Shop, where digital stickers can be purchased to share with friends and family.

"You can share photo, video, thought, location and sleep moments. You can post your moments to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare; and choose whether you want to share a moment privately or just to your Inner Circle," announced Path.

Path, which is a mobile-only app with 23 million users, debuted for iOS in 2010 and later on Android, compatible with Google Glass, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

It stands as a social network designed for sharing intimate and special moments with close friends and family, instead of publishing them on wider networks such as Facebook and Twitter.