Path partners with Nike+ for social running iPhone app

Smart journal service bounces back from privacy woes with new app and API

Path for iPhone and Android gets an update and introduces a new API which brings integration with Nike+ and the Nike FuelBand

The Path smart journal app has announced a new API and a partnership with Nike to integrate its service into the Nike+ iPhone app and the new Nike FuelBand accessory.

The free app for iPhone and Android, is a new kind of social network which allows users to share photos, music, thoughts and even when you sleep and wake up with those closest to them.

The partnership with Nike will add a new social aspect to running and allow Path followers to cheer on their pals during a live workout. The recipient will hear a motiviating cheer in their headphones. You'll also get cheers when you reach goals or break personal bests.

The Nike+ app will also auto-post mapped routes and stats from your run, while those who encourage you will also pop-up on the map like an eager spectator.

The Nike+ update is ready to go now, with Path planning to lend its API to more app-makers in the near future, starting with health and fitness apps and broadening out from there.

The company has recovered well from a privacy scare last month where it was villainised for unwittingly collecting data from a users contacts book. The publicity has probably raised awareness to the point that it actually benefitted from the controversy.

Via: Gizmodo