Patent reveals iPad controlled Apple robot in the works

Latest patent to leak from Cupertino shows off Apple's plans for iPad robot

Latest Apple Patent leak shows off plans for iPad controlled robot with the futuristic device dubbed the 'Apple Developer Mobile Robot System’

Continuing the run of tantalising patent leaks set to spark countless rumours and endless fantasy Apple has seen its plans for an iPad headed mobile robot leaked online.

Dubbed the ‘Apple Developer Mobile Robot System’ the latest patent offers an intriguing look at a potential personal assistant in the works from Apple with the wheel touting, controllable robot to boast an iPad tablet as its head seemingly to allow users to interact with the device and input commands.

Detailed in the patent’s accompanying documentation the Apple robot as described as: “A robot system [that] includes a mobile robot having a controller executing a control system for controlling operation of the robot.”

The description adds: “A cloud computing service in communication with the controller of the robot, and a remote computing device in communication with the cloud computing service. The remote computing device communicates with the robot through the cloud computing service.”

Apple Patents

Whilst the likes of the next-generation iPad tablet and iPhone handset always fail to make an early appearance in patent form, a selection of inspiring future Apple tech has leaked via its legal documentation with holographic displays and Mac come tablet sliding hybrid devices both being worked up by the company’s Cupertino campus.

Whilst the Apple robot is unlikely to ever see the light of day some of the other Apple patents poses more practical possibilities, what would you most like to see come out of Cupertino? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: 9to5Mac