Parrot augmented reality drone to land in UK this August

iPhone controlled quadricopter coming to UK first

Image 1 of 2 Parrot AR Drone
Image 2 of 2 Parrot AR Drone

The future of gaming?

Parrot, creators of the augmented reality quadricopter first seen at CES earlier this year, has officially unveiled the device in the UK giving the ultimate boys toy an August 18th launch date making the UK the drone’s first landing.

The Parrot AR.Drone can be controlled by user’s iPhone or iPod Touch devices with live images from the drone’s two onboard cameras displayed on the handheld controller.

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The quad-rotor flying toy, which has a range of up to 50 metres, 164 feet in old money, is highly intuitive to control using the iPhone’s accelerometer to steer in large swooping arcs or tight, nimble attacking lurches depending on the controllable difficulty and response settings.

The drone’s front-facing camera broadcasts live images to the handheld control device which can then be overlaid with augmented reality courses and targets for a new breed of intensive gaming and an all-round exciting user experience.

Connecting to the controlling iPhone via a Wi-Fi signal created by the drone, the flying machine comes equipped with two body kits, a larger, safety protected indoor shell and a cut-back, aerodynamic top piece for faster, more precise flying in the wild.

Impressively stable in flight thanks to its inbuilt autopilot, the AR.Drone is disappointingly limited to just 12 minutes of flight per charge. Those 12 minutes can be well spent though if competing with a second drone over the augmented reality dog fighting game.

Although currently limited to the Apple handsets, Parrot founder and CEO, Henri Seydoux has stated that the developers keys are openly available for the future inclusion of Android and other devices.

Priced at a somewhat hefty £299, the Parrot AR.Drone is nevertheless sure to strike a cord with fans of quirky tech come the festive period.