Panasonic unveils Viera Connect and Viera Market

Unveils Twitter integration and gaming services

Panasonic has taken IPTV to a new level at IFA 11 this afternoon by showcasing their new Viera Connect and Viera Connect Market services for their TVs

Panasonic has unveiled its new IPTV services Viera Connect and Viera Connect Market, both internet services which will run on both this years Viera HDTVs and all Panasonic Viera TVs in the future.

Viera Connect is Panasonic's new Smart TV software which brings thousands of apps to their TVs allowing users to customize the appearance of the user interface and watch TV on-demand. Most notable are the social networking features that have been brought to Viera Connect such as Skype and Twitter integration which allows viewers to watch TV live with the Twitter feed updating live at the side or at the bottom. You can then tweet via the remote control, a wireless keyboard or through using the Apple iPad.

Accompanying Viera Connect is Panasonic's Viera Connect Market, an online marketplace which is a portal to all the apps that will be available for their TV. Through the market you can download and purchase apps, buy accessories such as 3D glasses or webcam attachements and in Panasonic's biggest step, download games which can be played on the television.

Pansonic earlier this year announced it had signed a partnership with Gameloft which would mean games such as Assassin's Creed and Asphalt 5 will be playable on Viera HDTVs. This has since been confirmed, getting its debut at IFA 2011 today.

No word as yet on a release date however stay tuned to as we'll have more information coming shortly. Any product expectations for IFA 2011? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.