Panasonic TA1: Flip battler incoming

Budget shooter rocks rival-bashing features

Video chat, HD recording and full iMovie support all included on TA1.

Panasonic’s new 3D SDT750 a bit too pricey for your tastes? Then how about the new Panasonic TA1 instead? Aimed directly at the likes of the Flip MinoHD and Creative Vado, this is a small time shooter with some pretty awesome stand-out features.

As well as 1080p video and direct uploads to YouTube and Facebook, the TA1 manages to cram in Apple iFrame support, meaning it plays nice with iMovie straight out of the box. Ok, clips are pared down to 960x540, but at least you can tinker with them on your Mac.

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Even more impressive is the inclusion of a microphone and webcam, so you can indulge in video chats when the TA1 is plugged into your PC via USB. Like the Flip, the TA1 rocks an integrated USB plug, so searching for lost cables is a thing of the past.

On top of all these killer extras you’ll find 20x optical zoom and even an LED light for recording shots in the dark. The best bit? It’s set to cost just £130 when it lands next month. Sounds like Flip and Creative have got some work to do.

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