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Active camcorders

The new rugged HX-WA20 Full-HD camcorder is specifically designed to keep dust and moisture out. Common enough for a rugged camera, but this model can shoot movies underwater to a depth of up to three meters for one hour.

It has full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, a 28mm wide-angle setting, Intelligent 15x Zoom, an image stabilizer (which has advanced from the previous 2-axis system to a 4-axis system), and interesting modes such as slow motion and burst shooting.

HD camcorders

Panasonic also unveiled a new 8-model line-up of HD camcorders.

The HX-X900, X900M and X800 – the flagship models - have a number of lens, sensor and engine enhancements.

3MOS System Pro is designed to perform well in low-light, and cuts noise by 40 percent compared to previous models. The F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating reduces ghost effects and flaring, while advanced 3MOS Sensor boasts pixel shift technology and a new HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) uses five-axis correction.

They can also record full HD 3D films, via the MVC (Multiview Video coding) recording system of the AVCHD 3D format, by mounting the optional VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens.

The HC-V700 series is loaded with Panasonic's newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor. This model features a 28mm wide-angle setting and an Intelligent 46x Zoom and, like the 900 and 800 series, it can also film in 3D.

The HC-V500 and V500M are more compact models, and have Intelligent 50x Zoom and the HYBRID O.I.S., which reduces blurred effects on shots captured at all zoom levels.

The HC-V100 is has a full 155 minutes of recording time, and is designed to be a more compact alternative.  

Finally Panasonic claims the new HC-V10 compact model boast far better image quality than its 2011 predecessor, featuring HD image quality with a dynamic 70x Zoom.

Lumix cameras

The DMC-FT4 and FT20 is the latest in the rugged design FT series, geared for active outdoor use.

The premium FX line now includes the DMC-FX80,   while the DMC-LS6 is pitched as being especially easy to use.

The new TZ25 TZ30 are held up as strong in both still and HD video recording.