Panasonic rolls out FT3, FX77 and TZ series snappers

New compact line-up includes tough cam and specced up new efforts

FT3 leads the line, but new TZ series peepers also catch the eye.

Panasonic has just pulled the wrappers off of four new compact Lumix cameras, the FT3, FX77, TZ18 and TZ20. And each one comes chock full of different killer features to keep even the most fastidious of camera buffs happy.

The FT3 leads the line, with a rugged build designed to withstand taking a battering from the elements, all meaning you get great outdoor shots. As well as AVCHD Full HD video, 3D shooting and 12.1 megapixels, it’s also water proof to a diver-friendly 12 metres, shock proof to two meters, dust proof and will even work as low as -10C.

The new TZ snappers are the ones that have really caught our gadget-loving eye though, with both the TZ18 and TZ20 including full manual control, 16x optical zoom, 24mm wide angle lens and HD video smarts. The TZ20 cranks things up a notch with GPS for geotagging and Full HD AVCHD video.

Lastly, the FX77 comes loaded with touchscreen treats. The snapper can be controlled via a huge 3.5-inch panel slapped on the back, with Panny’s Smart Touch tech. That means you can prod the screen to tweak the shutter, zoom and auto focus, giving you direct control over your pics. There’s also the same 3D photo mode as found on the FT3.

There’s no word on price or release date yet, so keep your eyes on the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages for more news as we get it.