Panasonic launch cloud-based on-demand TV service

Acetrax app to offer direct-to-TV movie downloads

Nothing on TV? Download something instead

Panasonic has teamed up with Acetrax to announce an innovative video streaming and cloud-based movie download service for users of its range of internet connected Viera Cast TVs.

The service, which will allow users of the VoD app to download and stream content from up to four machines, is set to challenge the likes of Sky, BT and Virgin Media in the on-demand content market.

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Major Hollywood studios, Paramount, Warner and Universal have all signed up to the Panasonic service and with around 20,000 titles available from launch ranging in rental and purchase prices from £3.49 to £10.99, the new service is set to offer users a well rounded package. As an extra bonus for customers, all movies that are brought via the Acetrax system will come with a DRM download that can be watched on both PCs and Macs.

Speaking on the new VoD partnership with Panasonic, Acetrax CMO, Leslie Golding has said: "Panasonic VIiera TVs will change the way in which customers will buy and consume movies in much the same way as we saw with music downloads. What sets Acetrax apart is its ability to offer Hollywood movies as well as content from local partners across Europe that is tailored and specific to them."

Although the service is currently only available on the latest range of Viera Cast Tvs from Panasonic, the Japanese TV manufacturers is looking to the Acetrax VoD system through its Viera Cast Blu-ray players by September.