Panasonic FZ150 and FX90 official

Two new specced out snappers revealed by Panny

Super zoom skills for FZ150, while FX90 comes with Wi-Fi built in.

Panasonic has pulled the wrappers off of two new top-end compacts, the FZ510 and FX90. Each one comes loaded with killer specs that should sate even the most fastidious photography fanatics.

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The FZ510 leads the line, rocking a 25mm wide angle lens, with 24x optical zoom. This Leica lens uses special Panasonic tech to cut down on light reflection to stop ghosts and flares. It also totes Full HD video smarts, along with a 12.1 megapixel sensor and full manual control. Creative control smarts also mean you can add filters before taking shots.

The FX90 comes with Wi-Fi baked in for sharing snaps on the go. Best of all, this utilises a dedicated Lumix Link iPhone and Android app so you can use your mobile’s 3G signal to upload shots wherever you are. This uses Panasonic’s new “Lumix Club” cloud service, which lets you create an account and add details of your Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube accounts. It’s just a case of choosing which site you want to send your handiwork too.

As well as Wi-Fi skills, the FX90 has a Leica wide angle lens, 12.1 megapixels and Full HD video smarts. Both camera are due to hit shelves in October, with prices yet to be confirmed