Panasonic 3D TVs to have built-in 3D Blu-ray players

Japanese early adopters get new hi-def incentive

Would this convince you to invest in the 3D revolution?

New Panasonic Viera 3D TVs are to have 3D Blu-ray players built-in to the sets, in the clearest indication yet that tech companies are recognising that the 3D revolution might just be asking too much of our wallets.

The RT2B range, announced in Japan today, will make the 3D technology more easily accessible, rather than forcing early adopters to fork out on a stand-alone 3D Blu-ray player, to replace their current drive.

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The sets will be available in 42 and 46-inch iteratiions, and will also boast a HDD drive for recording shows directly.

Panasonic has also announced a new set of active shutter 3D glasses, which can be charged in two hours via USB for 30 hours of viewing. At just 38g, they're also far less cumbersome than the Sony incarnations we recently tried on for size.

The RT2B series is reportedly unlikely to make it from the Land of the Rising Sun, but it could definitely be a sign of things to come. Would tech companies would rather provide us with all the tools to soak up their media content, rather than have us fork out for both and see no real reward in sales of 3D content?

Link: Panasonic (via Engadget)