Panasonic 152-inch 3D TV coming autumn

Monster 4k panel will destroy your bank balance

Massive TV will make Sky 3D's Premier League broadcasts life size.

Panasonic showed off its epic 152-inch 4k 3D TV at CES way back in January. Back then, the monster gogglebox was just a novelty on the tech giant’s stand. But now it’s going to be up for grabs, with plans to release the giant telly this autumn.

Aside from needing a footballer’s wage and a house the size of Buckingham Palace, you’ll also be in need of $500,000. That’s £346,249. Now, far be it for us to mention what might be politely be referred to as the delicate economic situation, but perhaps you’d be better off buying an HD boobtube from Tesco.

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If you’re tempted though, you’ll be glad to know this 3D TV’s 4096 x 2140 resolution will render your Sky+HD pics beautifully. And when it comes to Sky 3D footie, just imagine having a life size Didier Drogba play-acting in your front room.

Of course, there are other options, with regular size Sony and Samsung 3D TVs already available on these shores.

Via Engadget