PalmPad: stylus support primed?

Back to the future for webOS-based tablet

Source says PalmPad will rock capacitive touchscreen and stylus support.

Now HP has slapped the fabled webOS tablet with a name, PalmPad, the rumours can begin in earnest. First up is talk that the new Palm-backed tablet will pack in stylus support, aimed at giving it a business edge over the iPad.

Word from an insider suggests that the PalmPad will support a wacom pen, which would make note taking and searching much more straightforward than on Apple’s slab of touchscreen magic.

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Such a move would set the PalmPad apart from the iPad at a time when it’s surging ahead of the virtually non-existent competition. It would also pit it directly against the supposedly workaholic theme behind the BlackBerry Tablet.

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Via Examiner