Palm Pre Plus set for webOS 2.0 update

Ageing webOS phone will get upgrade, despite denials

HP working on software boost for old phones.

Packing a Palm Pre Plus? Bummed that HP has put the kibosh on a software boost to webOS 2.0? Well, don’t be. Because it seems O2 might just have a much-needed bump for Palm Pre Plus owners.

Despite HP denying that a webOS 2.0 update would be available for the second-gen Pre, it now appears O2 has convinced the mobile maker that releasing an update is worthwhile. An O2 Germany rep said, “The Pre Plus… will get an official update to webOS 2.0 soon, but it won’t be available as OTA, you have to use the webosdoctor software to get it onto your devices, you will be able to download it from the HP website.”

Sadly, original Pre and Pixi Plus owners won’t be feeling the webOS 2.0 love. That said, at least punters packing a Pre Plus will soon be able to give their phones the update it deserves.

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Video Source: T3 Tech Videos

News via: Pre Central