Palm Pre 2: more details outed

Specs and design leaked by French network

SFR spills beans on next-gen webOS handset.

Gagging to get hold of the Palm Pre 2? Well it looks like you won’t have too long to wait for the first fruits of the HP/Palm tie-up. French network SFR has just slipped out a slew of details on the as-yet-unofficial handset.

The new blower is set to pack a 1GHz processor, as suggested last week when a device believed to be the Pre 2 hit the FCC in the US. There’ll be 512MB of RAM, webOS 2.0 and an exposed USB port.

Crucially, though, the design remains the same as the original Pre and Pre Plus, except that the screen will be flatter. Any major changes are therefore likely to be software-based.

There’s no word yet on a release date, but with Windows Phone 7 out and new Android and iPhone updates imminent, don’t be surprised if this breaks cover the right side of Christmas.

Via Unwired View