Palm Pre 2 landing in UK this Friday

SIM-free cell up for grabs from 12 November

No word on SIM-free pricing, while network support remains MIA.

The Palm Pre 2 will go on sale SIM-free here in Blighty this Friday, HP has confirmed. Currently, only French phone fanciers can play nice with the world’s first webOS 2.0 phone, with a yet-to-be-dated US release also planned.

Sadly, HP hasn’t been forthcoming on how much the handset will cost. But with no networks yet to jump on the Pre 2 bandwagon, it looks like this is a phone you’ll need to pay a premium for if you want to get involved.

For those lagging behind, the Pre 2 is loaded up with webOS 2.0, alongside a 1GHz processor, a touchscreen and slide out QWERTY keyboard, with a 5 megapixel camera round the back.

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Via Pocket-lint