Palm Mansion: new webOS phone rumoured

Touchscreen-only mobile touted by gossipmongers

Will new Palm phone debut before Christmas?

Palm Mansion. Remember that name, because in the coming weeks, you can guarantee a slew of rumours about a phone that’s set to become the next-gen webOS blower.

The codename has been unearthed by the Palm-fanatics at Pre Central, who claim that the Palm Mansion will land with an 800x480 screen, minus the physical QWERTY for which the Pre and Pixi were both so well known.

Jettisoning the keyboard isn’t a total surprise: code in webOS 2.0 pointed towards a virtual QWERTY, although that was considered to have been built for the forthcoming PalmPad tablet.

Previous rumours have suggested that a new webOS phone could land this month, coinciding with Windows Phone 7 and the mooted release of Android 3.0. However, Palm has a track record of releasing its new mobiles at CES in Las Vegas in January.

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Via PreCentral