OUYA confirms it is 'not seeking additional funding'

OUYA confirms that company is fully committed to Kickstarter

OUYA has become something of a Kickstarter sensation, having raised $5 million already the company is now looking to turn their concept into a reality

OUYA has confirmed that it is 'not seeking additional funding outside of Kickstarter', instead the company will be solely focused now on achieving its goal of turning the concept into a reality.

An Android-powered games console OUYA is designed to be the first truly open-sourced gaming platform and is the brainchild of ex-IGN exec Julie Uhrman.

There was however, some confusion last week when it was reported in an interview that OUYA were also looking for outside funding despite their huge success on the crowd-funding website.

In an exclusive statement given to T3, OUYA explains that the company is fully committed to its Kickstarter origins and will now be focused on turning the Android-based gaming platform into a real product.

"Let me be clear, OUYA is not seeking additional funding outside of Kickstarter. Our priority now is to continue to focus on building a great game console while engaging in our ongoing Kickstarter campaign."

"Our intent in going to Kickstarter was to raise money that would take us from functional prototype to product on the market."

OUYA: The $99 console that could change everything?

OUYA has become an overnight phenomenon after it achieved $2 million in pledges in just one day. Since then the project has gained over $5 million in pledges from the online community.

In a statement on their Kickstarter page the company talks about what sets it apart form other gaming platforms saying, "Developers will have access to OUYA's open design so they can produce their games for the living room, taking advantage of everything the TV has to offer."

Check out our Ouya Unboxing video below to see the finished product.