OUYA gets first exclusive game from CoD's Robert Bowling

Human Element prequel coming exclusively to OUYA

OUYA has come under its fair share of criticism over the past few weeks, but that hasn't stopped its phenomenal success and the backing of big players

OUYA, the crowd-funded Android games console is to get its first exclusive thanks to Call of Duty's Robert Bowling in the form of a series of prequels for his upcoming Human Element series.

The man, who was for many years, the face of the Call of Duty franchise left to start up his own game developers, Robotoki. The company is currently working on a game called Human Element which will be set in the aftermath of a zombie apocolypse.

There's no word on what console it will be made for but the game is set for a 2015 release date which suggests that this almost certainly be a next-generation console.

Leading up to that 2015 release date however will be a series of prequels which Bowling has confirmed will be exclusively made for OUYA, of course this will depend on whether the console makes it to the production stages.

For now though check out the video here where Bowling himself announces not only the game but also talks a bit about OUYA.