OSX Lion, iCloud and iOS5 - T3 readers respond

Consumers have their say on latest Apple launch

iPhone 5 fails to appear at WWDC but software arrives in spades

The dust has settled, and another loaded Apple WWDC keynote from Steve Jobs has passed.

Apple has fired off a series of software challenges to the rest of the industry in just a few minutes – iOS5 with it’s Android-esque notification bar and OTA support, OSX Lion and iCloud’s terminal de-tethering of Apple devices.

Reaction so far has been positive, with s few exceptions. Below is a flavour of some of the best –

Looks like the end of tethering. Icon with a massive pair of scissors cutting a cable just appeared on the Keynote @Stevemills4

iMessage > the slayer of Blackberry Messenger. Kids worldwide rejoice. @Ch3ukl1

Thanks for the efficient coverage of wwdc! You kept me totally upto date. Looking forward to iOS5! @ankisubhan

iTunes Match > scans music library and adds them to your iCloud doo-da. And. Will upgrade your crappy songs to 256k /sweet!!/

I've missed the iCloud announcement. Is it basically a slightly evil, blander Spotify? @charltonbrooker

If iCloud is free and MobileMe is dead - what happens to the subscription people have paid for MMe?

Ok, everything Steve is saying is pointing towards Apple redefining the home media server. @Elansyssa

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