OS X Lion: new software out next week

Report claims RAM upgrades being made this weekend

Lion set to be sitting pretty on new Macs in a matter of days.

Apple’s much-anticipated release of OS X Lion is set to happen next week. That’s according to Apple Insider, which says retail staff have been told to make imperative RAM updates to in-store Macs no latter than Sunday 10 July.

The news comes from insiders with access to Apple’s retail news service. Word is that overnight training shifts will take place next week in order to get staff fully up to speed with the iOS-influenced software.

It all means Mac fanatics will be able to grab OS X Lion from the Mac App Store in the next seven days. The same report claims that customers could even attend an Apple store to download the update and get training to get to grips with its new features.

The release also points to the imminent release of updated MacBooks and MacBook Airs. Both machines have been the subject of intense rumour, with Apple holding them back to ensure they had Lion on board from the get go.