Orange launches gesture shortcut app for Android

Draw symbols on the homescreen to launch apps

Live wallpapers and custom gestures come to Orange Android handsets.

Who says the it's just the manufacturers who get to have all the fun at Mobile World Congress? Network provider Orange has got in on the act this year with a neat, innovative way of launching apps for its range of Android smartphones.

Orange Gestures lets users draw up to 27 different symbols on the homescreen to open applications from the menu, without the need to clogg-up the homescreen with all manner of icons and widgets.

The app, announced by Orange at MWC in Barcelona today, lets users assign different gestures to different actions on the phone, so for example if you draw square it might open your alarm clock, or a circle might open your internet browser.

Orange also announced six interactive live wallpapers, including a candle that flickers when you move the touchscreen from side to side. A nice touch that adds a little flavour to your infinitely customisable Android phone.

Gestures will be available on Orange's leading Android smartphones from Q2 this year, but if you're rocking a HTC handset you'll be left wanting as the Taiwanese giant has opted out, perhaps worried that it might overshadow HTC Sense a little bit.

It won't be an app downloadable from the Android Market, but will be pre-loaded on Orange Android handsets.

Link: Orange