Orange launches free social app TVcheck

Social TV app available on all networks for iPhone

Orange's new app uses nifty TV image recognition technology which means just point the camera on your iPhone towards the TV and you're all set

Orange have just launched TVcheck, a free social TV app for iPhone which lets you check in to TV shows, earn badges and compete with other viewers in becoming the head honcho of a channel or programme.

Utilising some nifty TV image recognition technology viewers simply point the phone at the TV and the app will use the phones camera to recognise the show you're watching.

Once check in as watching that show it'll bring up a whole host of activities such as playing quizzes, earning badges or heading straight to Twitter and Facebook to find out what everyone else thinks.

First launched in France Orange have confirmed that the app will be coming to other app stores and is just the start with the hopes of bringing new features such as the ability to watch unseen footage and more.