Orange launch Do Some Good charity app

Bite-sized chunks of charity all from your mobile

Do Some Good app brings charity-on-the-go to smartphone users.

Of a charitable nature, but just can't get the time off work to knock up that school in the third world? Now, thanks to Orange, you can help make the world a better place in the space of a TV ad break, with the Do Some Good app.

With help from a slew of charities, the app lets users pick and choose from dozens of bite-sized bits of charity - whether that be taking a survey for the Samaritans, or using your phone's camera to snap photos of bits of your neighbourhood in need of a bit of a sprucing up. Best of all, all the surveys and tasks in the app are designed to take under five each, so even the most frenetic lifestyle is no excuse for not getting involved.

The Do Some Good app is currently only available to iPhone and iPad users, but Orange promise the altruistically-minded on other smartphone platforms will be able to get in on the charity in the near future.

Download the Orange Do Some Good app from the App Store.

Link: Do Some Good