OnLive Wireless Gaming Controller set for E3 2011 unveiling

Universal controller to be demoed with HTC Flyer

As if they weren't smug enough with a year's smooth-running, OnLive now reveals its vision of mobile-gaming.

OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service will be unveiling its new OnLive Wireless Gaming Controller at the E3 2011 gaming expo in a few days time with demonstrations on compatible devices.

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OnLive has designed the controller to work with almost anything, from a HDTV to a HTC Flyer Android tablet. Using either a USB dongle or a wireless link the controller is designed to meet the requirements of gamers who are perhaps using OnLive on their PCs or Macs or even tablets and smartphones.

The company has revealed that as part of the demonstration they'll be showing a full demonstration of the controller using OnLive through a HTC Flyer tablet, which according to the OnLive team is just one step in a full move to being compatible with tablets.

It's purpose is essentially to be the main controller for all devices that won't require the MicroConsole (although you can of course use it with that as well). In total the plan is to allow up to four controllers to connect with one USB dongle, whether it's through a laptop or Blu-ray player. So, as long as it's OnLive compatible, it'll work.

There's no pricing details as yet, but T3 will keep you posted when we know more.

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Source: T3 Video