OnLive Universal Controller will be compatible with Nexus 7

OnLive confirms support for the new Jelly Bean tablet is incoming

The Google Nexus 7 can and will happily run OnLive, however as of yet there hasn't been support for the Universal Controller, that's all about to change

OnLive has confirmed that it will be providing support for the Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet with its Universal Controller letting users experience full cloud-gaming nirvana.

Talking to GottaBeMobile OnLive responded to the question with a short statement saying, "We don’t have support out for it yet, but we hope to shortly."

The Google Nexus 7 was announced just a few weeks ago as the first Android Jelly Bean tablet running Android 4.1, with that comes Google Chrome support along with a whole host of other features.

Included in that of course is support for OnLive's Android app letting you play games like Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Batman: Arkham City all through the power of cloud-gaming.

Google Nexus 7 features:

With a 1280x800 screen resolution crammed into just a 7-inch screen means that both gaming and movies will look punchy while the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor means that it's capable of playing all the latest high-end games for Android.

Sporting Android Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1 the Nexus 7 comes with Chrome for Android pre-installed which offers up tabbed-browsing and syncing over your Google account.

Access to the Google Play store means you'll have instant access to games, apps and movies. Movies can be streamed or downloaded and can be played in standard definition or jaw-dropping high-definition.

One of the main reasons Google believes the Nexus 7 tablet will be a success is its price. At just £159 for the 8GB version it's incredibly well priced and in the US certainly is a clear rival to the Amazon Kindle Fire.