OnLive UK release confirmed for Autumn 2011

Open for reservations from June 7th

After a year of faultless running in the US, Onlive Gaming Service is finally heading to Blighty

OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service, has announced it will be opening its doors for UK reservations on the first day of E3 2011. By heading over to on June 7th, UK customers will have the opportunity to reserve an OnLive Player Tag in preparation for the Autumn launch.

The cloud-based gaming service has currently been fully operating in the States for a year now in which customers, either through the OnLive Game System for TVs or through an app for PCs/Macs can play modern titles at full HD resolution through an internet connection.

On top of this OnLive has confirmed signed deals with HTC and VIZIO to bring the service to tablets and smartphones such as the HTC Flyer. In the same vein of compatability the company revealed that the service would be supported by all Intel powered electronics from TVs to Blu-ray players.

Along with these huge announcements OnLive has said that the service will have full Facebook integration by the time it reaches the UK, making it even easier to belittle and boast to your fellow gamers through the social networking service.

UK pricing and official release dates have not yet been revealed, but rest assured, when goes live at E3 2011 on June 7, we'll be there to give you the low down.

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