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Exclusive pictures of cloud-gaming system coming to UK

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OnLive will soon be heading to the UK, along with the OnLive Micro Console and wireless controller. T3 gets snap happy with our unboxing.

OnLive has already been available in the US for a year now, giving us tantalising glimpses at what the cloud-gaming system is capable of. Even with only 100 title's the service proved to be hugely successful at launch, and with the promise of thousands of title's when it launches in the UK it has the potential to be huge.

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If using the OnLive through a TV you'll need the full OnLive Micro Console and wireless controller to get started, as you can see from the pictures, the Micro Console is incredibly small, serving as a gateway to the OnLive network. On the front you'll find two USB ports for connecting extra controllers and accessories. On the back it's just as spartan offering connections for HDMI, AV, Optical and the much needed network cable making this look exceptionally easy to set up.

Moving over to the OnLive Wireless Controller the layout is reassuringly familiar whilst offering some extras in the form of media controls at the bottom for recording 'Brag Clips' and reviewing your own gaming performance. It's light in the hand but still feels rugged enough to be an everyday companion. Of course even if it isn't your cup of tea that's not a problem as OnLive supports Xbox 360 controllers among many other peripherals meaning you can stick to your tried-and-tested favourites if you so wish.

Alongside that there's the much needed power cable and a simple booklet of instructions making it all appear incredibly simple and very attractive as a product. The packaging feels far more bespoke than anything else on the market, while the Micro Console and wireless controller both feel like premium products rather than toys.

No word on pricing as yet but talking exclusively to BT (who are partnering with OnLive) T3 has learned that the cloud-gaming service will be offered as a bundle with their broadband packages, with subscription being paid directly to BT. Whether this means it'll be more expensive to use other internet providers remains to be see, couple that with the recent admission that while the average UK speed is 6.8Mbps there are still rural areas of the UK suffering much slower internet speeds.

OnLive UK release: Things you need to know

With the OnLive UK release date set for Sep 22, will you be signing up for the cloud-based gaming service? Let us know what you think of it on Facebook and Twitter.