Online gaming more popular than film and music downloads

Ofcom study shows gaming now our favourite online activity

Report tells of Britain's multitasking expertise

A new Ofcom study has revealed that internet gaming on platforms, like Xbox LIVE and PC, is now more popular among Britons than downloading music and movies.

The report, which details how people are using technology showed that 39 per cent of those surveyed have played video games online in the past year, marginally edging out the 38 per cent of Brits who have downloaded music and movies.

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While traditional titles like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty will account for some of that figure, Facebook games such as Farmville and Scrabble are bound to have played a role in driving online gaming into pole position.

The console is also playing a large role in the way we consume our television programming, with 10 per cent of PS3 and Wii users accessing the BBC iPlayer from their device.

Ofcom also reckons that we've become multitasking experts by consuming nearly 9 hours of media in just 7 hours each and every day.

Link: Ofcom