Olympus E-PL1S unveiled

Boost to ace E-PL1 incoming

E-PL1S is world's lightest interchangeable lens camera says Olympus.

Still not jumped on the Olympus PEN bandwagon? Holding out for something even lighter? Then how about the new E-PL1S, which has just taken a bow over in Japan.

The new effort is really just a minor tweak to the already brilliant E-PL1. ISO has been pushed up to 6400 from 3200, and the battery has been changed from the E-P2 and E-PL1.

The big draw though is the fact that both frame and the new M.ZUIKO lens tip the scales at a mere 454g, making this the world’s lightest interchangeable lens camera. We’re sure the likes of Sony and Panasonic will have something to say about that in the coming months.

The E-PL1S is due to land in Japan in April next year, with no word yet on when us Brits will get a slice of the action. Stay tuned to T3.com for more news as we get it.

Via Akihabara News