Official Twitter app for iPad launched

Tablet iteration brings Panes and multitouch gestures

No more upscaling the iPhone app for iPad users.

It's about time. Twitter has finally launched its application for the Apple iPad with a host of innovative new features to take advantage of the beautiful 9-inch touchscreen.

The biggest development over the iPhone iteration is a new feature called Panes, which means if you click on a link in a tweet, the content within will open up on the right side of the page, be it video, pictures or a news story.

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Users can open as many Panes as they like and swipe between them, left and right. Any video content is also featured "inline" which means you can perform other tasks within the app, while the content loads. If you pinch a video, it becomes full screen.

Speaking of multitouch, a range of gestures have been built into the app. Pinching a tweet quickly brings up details about the author and reply options, while placing two fingers together and pulling down on a tweet reveals the replies.

So far Tweetdeck for iPad has been doing an admirable job of filling the void, but it looks like the real thing was worth waiting for.

Twitter for iPad is now available as a free download from the App Store. Check out the Twitter Blog post for the full details and let us know what you think @t3dotcom

Link: Twitter