Official: Smartphone users spend longer on the loo

Apple and Android fans distracted by handsets

New study reveals that Android and Apple owners are being delayed for over 20 minutes on the loo by their handsets.

Smartphones, eh? Where would we be without them? Well, we'd apparently be spending a lot less time on the loo, according to a new study published by

Of the 400 smartphone owners polled (200 iPhone users, 200 Android users), 78 percent claim that owning a smartphone has increased the length of their average bathroom visitation, with iPhone users being particularly distracted from the business at hand by their smartphones (89 percent of iPhone owners are affected, versus a mere 67 percent of Android users).

Toilet habits for iPhone and Android habits were similar in terms of popularity, with users on both platforms plumping in the main for a spot of mobile gaming, followed closely by web browsing to wile away their reign atop the porcelain throne. Checking e-mails and text messages came in next on the list, and a shameless 2 percent of those questioned spent their supposed alone time making and receiving calls. Perhaps most disturbing of all, though, are the remaining 1% of Apple and Android users who felt the above options failed to accurately capture their bathroom relationships with their handsets and picked "other". We shudder to think.

Source: Gaj-it