Official Skype app coming to iPad

No more enlarged iPhone Skype for iPad users

Apple's iPad is set to receive an official, jumbo-sized version of the Skype app found on the iPhone.

The full-sized iPad app (or at least a promo video for it) was apparently leaked by mistake on Skype's YouTube channel. The video has since been pulled, but is still hosted on YouTube (without sound) by a private user - check it out below.

As you might expect, the app looks to be functionally very similar to Skype for iPhone, with both text and voice input and FaceTime using both the iPad's front and rear-facing cameras.

The Skype app for iPhone, which allows users to route phone calls over the internet for pittance in comparison to regular phone calls, has been around since 2009. Until now, iPad users looking to make use of the service have been forced to use the iPhone version blown up to fit on the iPad's larger screen.

The vid doesn't furnish us with a release date, ending instead with a message that the app is "now available in the App Store" - which suggests to us that it'll be with us in the very near future. Lip-readers among you can check out the video below for a better look at iPad Skype-ing in action.

Skype for iPad

Via: Engadget