Official PlayStation app revealed

iOS and Android add-on gets official

Check your trophies and get all the latest PlayStation news on your mobile.

All that PlayStation Phone tittle tattle might have died a death. But that’s not to say PS3 fans hoping for some mobile love should be totally disheartened, with news emerging of a new official PlayStation app for both iOS and Android.

The free add-on is up for grabs now and allows you to check out your latest trophies, get bang-up-to-date release news on games for the PS3, PSP and, er, PS2, as well as share your favourite stories and chatter with your pals via Facebook, Twitter and email.

For the official PlayStation app to play nice, you’ll need iOS 4 if you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, or Android 1.6 or higher if Google’s OS is your thing.

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