Official iPhone trade in programme detailed

Currently planned for the US; no details on when or if it will reach UK shores

Apple’s upcoming iPhone trade-in programme has been detailed ahead of its launch later this week.

According to reports, Apple will begin opening its trade-in programme on August 30th. The programme will be marketed as “iPhone Reuse and Recycle”.

It is understood that it will begin rolling out the programme at some of its larger stores and will expand it to its other stores throughout September. For the time being, it appears it will only be active in its US stores.

The programme will be available to both consumers and businesses looking to purchase a new iPhone.

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However, it will be limited to those on contracts. It is currently unclear if Apple plans to allow consumers to buy SIM-free phones through the programme at some point in the future.

Trade in

According to 9to5mac, the process starts with a customer telling an Apple Store employee that they would would to buy a new iPhone and trade in their old one.

After inputting details about the phone and its quality into the EasyPay handhelds that Apple Store employees carry these days, a price will be given.

Once a price is given, the customer will be asked if they are happy with it. Once they accept, there is no turning back and the old phone can not be returned. However, the customer will be given one last chance to back up their phone before it is taken away.

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The customer will then provide the customer with a new iPhone, gift card with the amount to be paid towards the new iPhone and a plastic bag. The gift card must be used there and then towards the value of the iPhone. It can not be used against any other product.

After the new phone has been paid for, the Apple employee will then hand back the old SIM card and offer to set the new iPhone up.

Staying in the country

Previous rumours have suggested that Apple would ship the traded in iPhones out of the country and resell them in developing countries.

According to reports, that will not be the case. Instead the recycled iPhones will remain in the United States.

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It is currently unclear if Apple will take the same approach in the UK when the company eventually expands the scheme here.

According to TechCrunch, the trade in prices will be slightly lower than what is offered outside the programme.

For example, an unlocked, undamaged iPhone 5 16GB will be worth around $279 (£180). An AT&T iPhone 5 16GB will be worth $255 (£165). That compares to US trade-in company Gazelle, which offers $330 (£212) for either model.

According to reports, the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 will all be eligible for the trade in and recycling parts of the programme.