Official Google Voice iPhone app approved

Insiders claim Cupertino has given nod to controversial app

Just a matter of weeks before previously blacklisted extra lands on iPhone.

Having given the go ahead to third party apps using Google Voice, it seems Apple has finally done the decent thing and given the official Google Voice App the thumbs up too.

A source close to Google has said that Apple has approved the extra, which was rejected last year on the grounds that it duplicated core functionality of the iPhone. The app lets you make and receive calls, as well as pick up voice messages, letting you reroute calls from your home phone to your mobile too.

The approval comes after Apple loosened its App Store guidelines earlier this month following a groundswell of negative comment from developers. The third party GV Voice app was recently allowed into the store under the new rules.

The Official Google Voice app is likely to be US only to start, but expect it to roll out around the globe now Apple and Google have finally decided to play nice with each other.

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Via TechCrunch