OD-11 Cloud Speaker announced

Teenage Engineering unveil OD-11 Cloud Speaker at CES 2013

Teenage Engineering unveil wireless OD-11 Cloud Speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Teenage Engineering, a company known for its simplistic industrial design, has just unveiled its newest offering. The OD-11 Cloud Speaker is a wireless speaker, complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an ingenious remote control.

Music is played direct from online sources, so if you’ve built up a large collection of Spotify playlists or are heavily invested in Soundcloud it could be a perfect option.

It seems Teenage Engineering has continued with their design ethic as the OD-11 is simply just a big cube, measuring 26x26x26 cm and with a visible speaker on the top face. Inside the cube there is a 100w class D amplifier along with a flurry of filters and a DSP. If one is just not enough, then you can connect three more together.

The speaker is controlled by a wireless remote, which again is a simple design and responds to touch as well as twisting it round to increase the volume. Another plus is that because it runs power saving friendly Bluetooth 4.0, it should last for 2 years on a single battery.

The OD-11 is certainly a high end product, with the speaker set to go on sale sometime this year for $800 and even more if you want the Bluetooth remote as well.