O2 UK 4G trials record 150Mbps mobile internet speeds

UK next-generation network trials see O2 notch up impressive 150Mbps speeds

Having kicked its UK 4G network trials into action last December, O2 has confirmed it has recorded 150Mbps mobile internet speeds

Network provider O2 has released a number of figures from its recent 4G trials with the smartphone retailer suggesting it has recorded wireless connection speeds up to 150Mbps.

With around 1,000 people taking part in the UK’s largest 4G trial, which has been centred around a number of core locations in London, O2 has claimed that top speeds recorded hit the hugely impressive 150Mbps, a figure comparable to the fastest home broadband speeds.

Whilst these lofty figures were achieved during the tests which covered the O2, Hyde Park, Soho, Westminster, Kings Cross, Canary Wharf and the South Bank, the network provider has revealed that the next-generation wireless speeds averaged out between20 and 50Mbps, some 20 times faster than current 3G networks.

Launching last December, the trial, which included 25 London based sites and covered a 40sq km area, is paving the way for the widespread introduction of the UK 4G spectrum, a move currently pencilled in for 2013.

“The forthcoming spectrum auction is a watershed moment for the UK mobile industry, releasing the airwaves that will power a whole range of exciting next generation mobile services,” Ronan Dunne, Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica UK, parent company of O2said: “The new spectrum will increase capacity, quality and speed and will allow us to deliver true connectivity through a suite of innovative digital services, that work seamlessly and at speed for the benefit of consumers, business and UK plc.”

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