O2 Guru TV discovers that the future of 3D is more than meets the eye

Check out the latest episode of O2 Guru TV’s Fast Forward and discover why 3D technology is alive and well.

Forget movies and TV, the future of 3D embraces photography, art and creation. Here’s how…

The so-called 3D revolution had the support of huge Hollywood studios, cinema chains and big time broadcasters. However, unfortunately for them, it didn’t have your support.

Indeed, mainstream 3D TV and movies may not be long for this world, but the innovative happenings in 3D technology stretch way beyond our screens. In the latest Fast Forward from O2 Guru TV, David McClelland looks into the future of 3D Technology.

During the clip, the O2 Gurus take a trip to a mind-bending exhibition called Three Stages of Will, featuring interactive 3D installations and even a preview of an immersive 4D experience! They also visit the world’s largest 3D printing store in London to discover the weird and wonderful things people are creating with this truly revolutionary tech.

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